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All game play animations for our hero and villain I animated, and special effects were done by Juli Gregg

Guardian of the Gears

Guardians of the Gears is a 3RD person puzzle platforming adventure game that was an E3 2017 finalist for the College Game Competition.


Primary roles on the team were game play animator for our Hero and Villain, and character cinematic animator. The game was created in the Unreal 4 Engine.

Follow this link to download and play Guardian of the Gears. Game

Pre-Production Work

Captured Game play footage of our hero interacting with the world, demoing the first part of the intro level.

All final cinematic scenes where I animated the hero and the villain. Camera work, special effects, and rendering done in the Unreal 4 Engine by John Lim and Cameron Craig.

In game Cinematic Scenes

In Game Footage Demo

Game Play Animations